jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

'You don't lose anything by being POLITE', and other kinda' idioms

(Idea taken from 'Grease' is the word...)

'You don't lose anything by being polite', equivalent in English for the superb "Lo cortés no quita lo valiente" in Spanish. Or 'No harm in being polite' ; "Ser amable no cuesta nada"...
In Spanish these expressions are known as 'dichos', whereas in English you can refer to them as 'Sayings' or 'Idioms' '. Other interesting ones, to my liking, could be:
'Easy come, easy go'; 'Kindness costs nothing'; 'What goes around, comes around'; 'Lovers come and go, but true friends are forever';

'It takes guts to keep one's feet on the ground'; 'Try never to bite the hand that feeds you'... and my very, very favourite 'Never judge a book by its cover' (or, as it is also today said, 'by its movie'). And in a similar line of idea (ja, ja)... 'Never judge a lady by her lover'.

Do you have a favourite saying of your own? It would be really great to receive your suggestions. Much obliged!!!


Please, be polite, be kind -even if I am not. Thank you!!!

  • a courteous manner that respects accepted social usage
  • the act of showing regard for others
  • Well-mannered, civilized; Smooth, polished, burnished
  • the stage in which people indicate and seek mutual trust or respect, and marked by caution in giving commitment or offering criticism
  • ...

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'Don't do what I do, but what I say', if what I say convinces you

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Yesterday when I saw your new page i only can say - oh yea! Really I want to write something longer, cause, I didn´t forget those days in class where we participated saying some idioms or other times when you said us your idiom, like….'Never judge a book by its cover'(for the eternity, like a lot of things more) I think, this page today has been a right point and good idea. And my very little experience tell me it is a good way to learn about English and to put in practice the idioms in the life.
Finishing, I want to reach some of my idioms… at least I think they are idioms – dichos - , and my particular and wrong traduction, sorry.
-ojos que no ven corazón que no siente: - if the eyes do not see it, the heart do not feel it
El tiempo pone a cada uno en su lugar – the time put everybody in everyplace
La vida sin errores no es vida – if the life had not mistakes, it would not have been life
A lo hecho pecho
Perro ladrador poco mordedor
Las apariencias engañan – the appearances deceive us

PD:I know, I should practice more my English.

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