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"Ebonics", better known as 'nigger speak', is a language spoken by poor urban black people and middle-class white boys, many of them being 13 years old in an effort to convince others that they are not middle-class white boys. It's been said that they have been infected by The Black.

'THIS IS HOW WE DO, NIGGA.' (nigger)
The Ebonics language is taught as part of the curriculum, as a foreign language, in California schools.

"EBONICS", mejor conocido como el habla de los negros, es la lengua hablada por la gente de color con pocos medios y los blancos de clase media, muchos de ellos de 13 años esforzándose en convencer a otros de que no son blancos de clase media. Se dice que han sido infectados por los negros.

La lengua 'Ebonics' se enseña como parte del curriculum, como lengua extranjera, en las escuelas de California

African American Vernacular* English (AAVE)—
(1) Some sample sentences in AAVE/Ebonics, with discussion of the ways in which they show the systematicity of AAVE:
AAVE: "She BIN had dat han'-made dress" (SE: She's had that hand-made dress for a long time, and still does.)
AAVE: "Befo' you know it, he be done aced de tesses." (SE Before you know it, he will have already aced the tests.)
AAVE: "Ah 'on know what homey be doin." (SE: I don't know what my friend is usually doing.)
AAVE: "Can't nobody tink de way he do." (SE: Nobody can think the way he does.)
AAVE: "I ast Ruf could she bring it ovah to Tom crib." (SE: I asked Ruth if/whether she could bring it over to Tom's place.)

*"Vernacular" means 'Vulgar, plain, common'

Pincha en el siguiente enlace y aprende más sobre 'Ebonics'
This is my attempt to give you a better understanding of Ebonics,

Escucha el siguiente video. ¿Entiendes algo?

Listen to the following video. Do you understand anything?

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Anónimo dijo...

Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Pilar.
Soy una antigua alumna tuya, recibí el link de unos videos hará unos dias, los cuales, me parecieron interesantes para que expusieras en la clase de inglés al igual que lo hacias el año pasado.

Un saludo, Miriam

Anónimo dijo...

very interesting what the ebonics, must be learned. and you could to get a move on your super classes.
thanks for teach us

PILAR dijo...

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I am indeed much obliged, and promise I will take each and everyone of them into consideration

Anónimo dijo...

i like that. It's a Jason Mraz's one: Pilar do you like it?

rodrigo dijo...

well.. that's better. futuristic. and psicodelic

PILAR dijo...

I love all your suggestions and I enjoy them at home and with my people.
Thanks a lot. I'll try to find the time to do part of them in class 'cause they're worth the while, although It won't be easy.